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The American Bully is a stunning breed that has quickly rose to fame and popularity. Over the last 3 years we have seen a surging increase of American Bully pups been sold and rising numbers of the dogs in our local parks. Despite the gorgeous temperament of this breed, they are often negatively labelled and stereotyped. 

Our ambition as Bully Tribe Global, is to showcase this breed in the most positive light whilst also representing the good breeders, kennels and individuals that share a passion for this breed. 

We aim to inform, support, connect and educate the dog community and the wider community to a level of understanding of our beloved Bullys.

We want to hear from Bully owners all over the world to help bring the community together on a Global Scale. 

We are here to document Kennels come up. Showcasing the lifestyle, the passion, the dedication and commitment it takes to raise these dogs along side the many struggles and challenges. 


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